The Port Team Is Joining Commsor

Berlin, September 22, 2021

The End is Just the Beginning

Today we can announce that Port has been acquired by Commsor to further our mission to build the world’s leading community company.

Some months back, Mac Reddin, Commsor founder and CEO, suggested that Port would be an incredible addition to what they have been building at Commsor. After a few calls with Mac and his fantastic exec team, it was clear that our mission and market perspective are very much aligned. It was totally unexpected that only 18 months into our voyage, we would receive an acquisition offer we couldn’t refuse.

In an enterprise analytics market projected to reach $420 billion by 2027, it makes sense for two market leaders to team up to capture the opportunity. Our goal is to help define how companies will go to market over the next decade. As we venture into Web3, the metaverse, remote-first experiences, the evolution of social media, a backlash against influencers and a desensitisation of paid advertising, companies globally will look to our past to once again realise the power of community.

A thriving community will become one of the most talked-about topics on earnings calls over the next decade. For the majority of businesses, this will be a sink-or-swim moment. Community-Led growth is more than a software product — it’s a movement.

At Port, and in our previous endeavours over the last decade, we have seen the power of community first-hand. Community is about coming together under a common goal and even though this is the end for Port as a standalone business, it’s just the beginning of our combined journey with Commsor.
Commsor has built a team of industry experts around a vision of how the world will evolve over the next decade. Alongside that, their product is invaluable for all Community Managers and DevRel experts; Community Club is a thriving community about community; and there are many other Community-Led initiatives to get involved in.

We are excited to bring over our expertise. As the Commsaur, Commsor’s mascot would say: it’s going to be dino-mite

Kevin, Jake, Nick, and the rest of the Port team.

Kevin Dykes
Co-founder and CEO
Nick Dijkstra
Co-founder and CPO
Jake Stott
Co-founder and CMO

What does this mean for Port users and our community?

We’ve had the pleasure of working with nearly 100 businesses over the last 18 months. You’ve been invaluable to our product development and we hope that you have found value in what we’ve built so far.

Each one of our early users has provided us with incredible insights into how you think about community, what data supports you with your daily activities, and how Port can help communicate the value of that to the rest of your organisation. We’re taking these lessons with us to Commsor by combining both of our product insights for a better Community-Led future. In the meantime, our beta users can keep using Port for the foreseeable future while we make sure we can facilitate a smooth transition to Commsor.

We will be reaching out to all users individually to explore how we can best support you. Our DevRel Captains of Community Discord will remain the place where we discuss what community means to you and how we can support each other.

Thank you for everything — we look forward to continuing the conversation from our new Commsor home!

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